Super Pancho

he is staring at me thinking
about my money incoherently
babbling because he doesn’t
know how to get any

when we want it we want it
only because we want something else

he’s shaking
the coca-cola table yelling
something about how he used to swim
with dolphins his beer runs
over the edges in grids

“the past is a grotesque animal
and in its eyes you see how completely
wrong you can be” i say to him
and he screams for me to shut it

i don’t know. no remember.
little words. don’t know english
good. his grimy fingers show
how much he knows

then why did you sit at my table?

he wants the coke in the hot-dog
store bathroom and so do all of us
here at the plastic patio sipping

anxiously as the sun sets over congreso
we come out of our huts to get the stuff
that will keep us alive all night

Super Pancho by andshewas.

Super Pancho by andshewas.



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