les demoiselles de buenos aires

in the cheapest pizza parlor
of the city a grubby little girl
dances on a red wobbling stool
as her parents order the pie

she wiggles her ass and sifts
through the whore cards she’s
collected on the streets searching
for the prettiest one to pretend to be

outside two bulls two coyotes and
a humming bird step into
the middle of the busiest intersection
when the walking man lights up

they raise her tiny body and she dances
in their hands a tank top skin and stitch of jeans
her foot held high above her head
they toss her she twirls she
twirls she twirls and she falls
and they run to see how much
such a show is worth to the passing traffic

a touring pedestrian gets suckered into
an underground lair and surrounded
by two sirens they pour him drinks
and talk about giving him things then

he takes one up to his hotel room
and she poisons him stealing all
his precious things which mostly
she must give to the old man
with the rotted nose who passes out
flyers all day on the sidewalk



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