I wanted to try it, really.
I wanted to run through the door, but I knew it was only the acid telling me so.
“You’re my only friend…” I said.
The door shifted into a flower. I smelt it and threw up.
What am I doing here?
The music is too loud and the girls are too pretty.
The boys looked like devils and my pubic hair was starting to smell.
Where am I?
The bass amp pounded against my head as I leaned on it for comfort.
Who was that?
Where did you go?
My eyes focused on the band. They looked like slugs fornicating.
I want to go home. No, this is my home. I live here now, this is my party.
When did I get naked? I can’t remember the last time I peed.
I started to pee.
Alone in the corner: naked and wet with warm piss,
speaker thumping against my skull.
I started to feel alone.
I moved here two months ago and still haven’t learned enough Spanish to get fucked.


Featured photo by rielax.


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