About The Reader

Header photo by Celeste.

The Buenos Aires Reader is published and edited by Rick Powell.

I started the Buenos Aires Reader because of the frustration I’ve felt reading other English-language publications. There’s just no outlet for writers and no refuge for those who like to read.

Why is that?

It has something to do with lots of small-to-medium-sized fish in a very small pond. But, it’s not because there are no good writers here, but rather because the gatekeepers, the editors, lack vision, and apparently, taste, as well. They are more concerned with branding than they are with nurturing and guiding new writers and old.

Here on the Reader, I’d like to publish work that readers actually want to read, and value enough to re-read. I want to publish work that conveys what it’s like to live here, talk with people, be changed by a different culture, engage with new ideas, and live. Sure, there are a few blogs that touch on that, but most of of the English-language blogs seem more interested in getting free stuff from local businesses than they are in being honest and direct. They are focused on making a living, rather than on living.

Well, fuck all that.

If you’re interested in writing lively prose, or poetry, or profiles, or first-person accounts of real life in Buenos Aires — or anywhere else in Latin America — or you take non-Hallmark card photos or interesting videos and want to share them, please contact me using the form below.


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