Meet the Writers

Matt Chesterton

Matt Chesterton & mate

Matt Chesterton & mate

Matt is a prematurely middle-aged freelance writer and editor, made in England, sold in Argentina. His wife and daughter love him, his in-laws don’t hate him and he makes a mean asado. Anything else is a bonus. Matt’s page is here.

Arturo Desimone

El Turista Revolucionario

El Turista Revolucionario

Arturo Desimone was born in 1984 on the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba. He was raised by parents of immigrant origins — an Argentinean father, a Russian-Polish mother. At the age of 20 he emigrated to the Netherlands but after six years left to lead a nomadic way of life better suited to writing and making drawings.  His short fiction and poems have been in Big Bridge, and The Acentos Review and Hinchas de Poesia. The Argentine writer Laura Ramos recently wrote a column about him in Clarin called El Turista Revolucionario.

Cody John Laplante

Cody John Laplante

Cody John Laplante

Cody John Laplante bought a liberal arts degree from a big state university and since then he has been using it to teach languages across the world and eek out poetry which can be found smattered across the internet and his trash bin. He spent six long months in Buenos Aires and decided not to stay there despite its being a pretty decent muse. He has published 2 chapbooks and has a third coming out in September 2013 on two steps press called “Man’s Best Friend” about some of his favorite themes–dogs, dudes, and dope. Cody’s WordPress blog is here.

Rick Powell

Rick Powell. Photo by Kate Sedgwick.

Rick Powell. Photo by Kate Sedgwick.

Rick Powell is a blogger and serial expat living with cancer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is queer, contrarian and a lover of beer. He likes movies and often finds himself NSFW. He is the editor of the Buenos Aires Reader.

Anne Whitehouse


Anne Whitehouse is a poet, fiction and non-fiction writer who lives in New York City. Her recollections of her childhood during the civil rights era in Birmingham, Alabama, may be read at Kids in Birmingham 1963. She was interviewed about her life and work in Harvard Stories. Recent poetry collections are  The Refrain, published by Dos Madres Press, and Blessings and Curses published by Poetic Matrix Press. Her novel, Fall Loveis now available as an ebook from Feedbooks, Smashwords, Amazon Kindle, and iTunes.


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